Come to Old Italy, where the kind-hearted puppet maker Gepetto dreams of having a son. To grant his wish, the Blue Fairy brings his wooden puppet Pinocchio to life, and the adventures begin. Like many boys, Pinocchio gets into all sorts of mischief, until he is lured to the Land of Toys by a villain Coachman. Time is running out for Pinocchio to escape before he is turned into a donkey!

Best Available Seats:
SAT OCT 21 (both performances) 
SAT OCT 28 (both performances)

FRI NOV 03 10am show is SOLD OUT
SAT NOV 11 10am show is  SOLD OUT
SAT NOV 11 1pm show has very LIMITED SEATING

Call for availability on all other dates.


October 13 - November 11, 2017


     2018 Pyramid Players Season



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